Thursday, May 5, 2016


George Bernard Shaw went to a store to buy shoes. He selected his shoes and asked the salesman if he can pay by Cheque. The Salesman reached the manager to seek his advice in the matter and the manager in turn took the matter to the Store owner. 

When the Store owner found out that the person requesting to accept the payment of 10 Pounds by Cheque was none other than the legendary author George Bernard Shaw, he invited Shaw to be seated and have some drink while he can arrange for the transaction.

George Bernard Shaw issued 10 Cheques each of 1 Pound for the 10 Pound shoe and the Store owner couldn't hide his astonishment. With a puzzled look on his face the owner asked, 'Mr. Shaw, although there is no problem for me to accept 10 Cheques instead of one, what made you write 10 Cheques in place of one...?'

George Bernard Shaw replied, 'My dear friend, I never offer my autograph to anybody for any reason. Each of this Cheque has my signature on it and you could comfortably sell each of it for 5 Pounds to any amount that my admirer could afford and wish to pay for...'

The Store owner couldn't believe his luck as he tried to figure out the amount of profit he could make on just one sale of a pair of shoes. However, being the businessman that he was, he doubted something and shared his concern with the Writer, 'Excuse me, Sir, but I fail to understand, what good it would do to you, anyway...?'

Shaw with a witty smile on his face replied... 'What do you think, which of my admirer will 'buy' this Cheque to en-cash it? None... I guess! And that would make this pair of shoes absolutely free-of-cost to me!'

Every story doesn't necessarily have a moral... some times it's just an anecdote! And each of my post doesn't necessarily relate to CSR... 

...or does it...!?!

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