Sunday, November 13, 2016


CAD seems to have become my destiny. I explored my-‘self’ through my practice as CAD professional for more than 10 years. It was 'Computer Aided Design' that time. When I learned about my mother’s medical condition, it was 'Coronary Artery Disease' and when I deliberate any matter of national policy or any strong decisions by the PMO regarding the economy it turns out to be the 'Current Account Deficit', one more CAD - a very familiar and close to my heart term from self-experience. Now I am waiting for one last CAD in my life when it will be Comprehensive Awareness Drive…!

My mother has undergone one bypass surgery and one angioplasty for about 80 to 90% blockages in her coronary arteries. Whenever I find an unexplored area of life, it has become a ritual for me to get into the deepest possible detail to learn more about it. This time it being a seriously grave concern for everybody involved and with respect to those two procedures I witnessed as an ‘insider’, I tried to collect, analyse and contemplate on all the material I can find for a deeper understanding of this CAD as well, obviously for its implications that might be imminent.

For being an outsider to the medical and health sector, I didn’t understand all those medical terms that have inscrutably long spellings and tongue-twister pronunciations which only those learned doctors can say; I am keeping my observations to a layman’s perspective and their relevance to what is prevalent subject of concern and consideration for past couple of days on a national level. I would follow my standard pattern of listing out things to present this subject to make it as simple as possible. What I learnt from the entire synthesis of my mother’s condition, which I am also prone to under the-always-dreadful-trait-of ‘History’, I have compiled in following lessons –

1. Although Blood is same in all humans, it has different tendencies depending upon a variety of attributes of an individual including his/her genes, addictions – physiological as well as psychological, long-term diet pattern, overall psyche and functioning of mind. Phew…! I know, my reaction was not different either…!

2. No matter how thick, thin, dark or light the blood is, it must Flow to keep your metabolism active and, more importantly, keep you alive. Whenever this blood (either pure or impure) thickens because of any reason, it hampers the smooth flow and disrupts the process of purification as well taking a toll on every monitory aspect of health like blood pressure, heart beat, pulse and respiration.

3. The next stage is forming of plaques those results in clot of bloods blocking its smooth flow to and from the heart, the main mechanism responsible for the purification and controlling the flow of blood to keep functioning of all the body parts unhampered.

4. The only treatment in such a condition is to remove those clots of blood and facilitate the smooth flow of blood in its normal condition. This can be done either by cutting the damaged part of the artery and replacing it by an equivalent and compatible tube from any other healthy part of human body like thigh (Bypass surgery) or by flushing the blockage and draining the clots to clear the path of artery and put some stents in place to avoid its contraction in future (Angioplasty).

5. Both these procedures are ‘Temporary’ operations that help keep the patient alive for few more days and it could NEVER EVER BE THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR THE TENDENCY OF BLOOD TO CLOT. It needs to be done every time there is a clot / obstruction / plaque of blood in its natural flow. So what could be a permanent remedy to counter this condition…?

As stated earlier, I am not even remotely related to the medical field except for completing the course of medication advised by my Doctor friends and hence I might have put it in a very crude, unprofessional and nontechnical manner, but that’s how I perceived it. I will wait my Doctor friend's comments and correction in the above narration, if any.

Coming to the ‘Solution’ part of it, Doctors say that CAD majorly is a condition prevalent in specific patients and it cannot be termed as a ‘Disease’ itself. If the conditions are altered there remains no reason for this tendency to reappear. And to remove those conditions what you are supposed to do is to change your lifestyle… on all three levels – Physical, Psychological and Spiritual!

OK, enough of the Gyan about the most dreadful CAD of all, what is the point of wasting a Sunday on it? I know you might be feeling little clueless and more irritated by trying to figure it out and find some sense, if not moral, in the word-pour above. Let us play a game once again as we played at the end of one previous post, ‘Dream’.

Replace the Blood Flow with the Cash Flow, Black Money with the Blood Clot, Heart with the RBI, Surgeon with the Government… you are getting the picture, aren’t you?

‘Demonetisation’ is the Bypass Surgery (not even the Angioplasty that puts some stents to avoid contraction in near future) to drain out the clots and regulate the smooth flow. It might offer some relief and extra period to the ailing patient; it cannot cure the condition permanently. Now for the last thing, replace the ‘life Style’ with the mindset of generating black money at all three stages – transaction, accounting, audit – and bingo… you will hit the bull’s eye!

Earn Honestly and Spend Generously but Book Religiously...!

Way to go…

Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Trump Card…!

What happened in US elections and how it ended the way it did would remain a major topic of debate, discussions and deliberations for many more days (if not months) to come. In spite many of the World Citizens expressing their disappointment and concern about the US People’s Verdict, openly or not so publicly, it remains the historical fact that the Trump card has worked in whatever way it did and the tortoise has not only reached the top of the (White House) post but it has also made a base there to settle for a while, at least.

US being the presumed superpower in many walks of life, money and might dominating the list, and the fact that World is strategically conditioned to US policing for issues of anybody’s concern; the crucial question at this point of time for the entire humanity on this planet should not be ‘what’ or ‘how’ it happened but ‘WHY’ this happened? Being the vanguard of the ‘Advancement’ and ‘Development’ as it is perceived in the new set of values, ethics and principles; US automatically assumes the role of being the ‘Role Model’ for the developing as well as underdeveloped countries. US Lifestyle and Diplomacy provides for all new aspirations, not only to Asia or Africa but also to some parts of Europe and Middle-east, if not all, which makes this US choice peculiar in the circumstances.

The newly emerging trends in the collective wisdom of the species and in entire human cognizance are clearly indicative of a dogmatism that is imminent, certainly not a good sign for integrated harmonious living for a sustainable and inclusive development as envisaged by our forefathers in the early civilizations and settlement years. Right from the hunters-gatherers stage, we humans were striving for holistic development and common good, the history of evolution points out. Just before the rise of the ‘Class’ system based on number of factors, religion being the paramount, no human craved to rule another but the process was of purely and genuinely ‘Leading’ the way. Even the selection of leader was a natural process that had a logical reasoning of experience, ability, resilience and vision!

This makes it imperative to consider the outcome of this US election from the perspective of ‘Our Common Future’, title of a report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, in which it states, ‘This Commission believes that people can build a future that is more prosperous, more just, and more secure…’ and further adds, ‘But the Commission's hope for the future is conditional on decisive political action now to begin managing environmental resources to ensure both sustainable human progress and human survival…’ Given to the background and reputation of the newly elected President of America and people’s expectations from him, it poses a serious threat to this vision of the WCED, we fear!

Finally, the most alarming and dreadful fact which is evident from this result would be the logical and philosophical conclusion of this write-up – emergence and development of such behavioral traits imbibed through pseudo schools of thoughts all around is the light at the end of the tunnel… the only thing is it is mounted on the engine of the fast approaching Bullet Train that will run over everything in its way and there is no stopping of this train in sight as the travelers boarding this train themselves want it to go faster and faster and in the direction they want. A wise insight here might come handy – Looking inwards doesn’t mean being more and more self-centered and levelling the scores should not necessarily mean ‘Eye for an eye!’

Rosalynn Carter, wife of the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, was a leading advocate for numerous causes, perhaps most prominently for mental health research. She was politically active during her White House years, sitting in on Cabinet and policy meetings as well as serving as her husband's closest adviser. To make justice to all above narration, it would be apt to quote Rosalynn Carter here –

“A leader takes people where they want to go.
A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be…!”

Way to go...