Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There is an annual function of Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE) and I got this opportunity to design and develop Invitation Card for the same as well as provide a write-up for the Citation to Godse Sir to be presented to him with the 'Life-time Achievement Award'. Here is the image of Invitation and copy of the Citation.

Citation to be printed majestically and presented to Godse Sir

We, the founders and members of ISSE Pune, with heartfelt gratitude and absolute delight, take this opportunity to present the first ‘Life-time Achievement Award in the field of Structural Engineering and Consultancy’ to our dearest Godse Sir, the Living Legend and Lighthouse for all of us.

The life story and achievements of Godse Sir in the most adverse and discouraging conditions indeed has the potential for a full length featured movie and we have no intention to curtail it to fit in here. All we are attempting here is expressing our gratefulness and pride we share as we enjoy this fortune of being the part of the fraternity our GURU spearheads. In his honour lies our honour.

‘Nothing succeeds like success’ is the notion. Sir, YOU have proved it wrong with a new principle ‘Nothing commits like commitment...!’ With the genius of Engineer and passion of facilitator, YOU hardly ever thought of Structural Engineering as a Profession; it forever was an Obsession for YOU and YOU always went that extra mile for the most rational and not fractional solution to a situation. This will stand as a ‘Professional Ethics Lesson’ for the generations of engineers to come.

Sir, by leading from the front and setting a selfless example, YOU have set the Standards of Practice so high that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to match those, let alone surpass them. We are not only proud and indebted to have YOU as our idol, but feel more responsible to be worthy of the heritage you have structured and we have the fortune to inherit.

While we prepare to present this token of our gratitude to YOU, in the retrospection of your accomplishments, our minds are occupied with realization and our brains are confronting the question – ‘Do we really love and respect our profession like this...?’ Sir, we promise YOU and take a pledge to answer this question positively and proudly for years to come.

Wishing YOU long, healthy and content golden life, we thank you for being there for us... always!