Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Amazon and Pepsi are not only the exemplary token of today’s consumerism; both should be regarded as the ambassadors of modern living with slogans like ‘Aur Dikhao’ and ‘Ye Dil Mange More!’ It’s been decades Humans have gotten rid of the orthodox values like being modest, living simple and thinking great. The times demand that while flaunting the latest and high-featured tech-gadgets you should be flamboyant, live extravagantly and think only if it is absolutely inevitable in a life-and-death situation like, 'what should we do for the dinner?' Meaning which restaurant to go… not what to cook, you dated geek!

There is no need of a philosopher to preach what is the best way of learning? ‘Example (or model) isn’t another way to teach, it’s the only way to teach…’ said Albert Einstein, the legendary Scientist who wanted to stop all scientific research for he could foresee what human would be capable of if the scientific and technological development continued and how it would go beyond the control of humans. Anyway, we have long passed that now and, whether we like it or not, we are standing on the verge of an Armageddon! And that’s what we are teaching our children as they learn better by imitating, developmental psychology says!

Believe it or not, I have met children in pre-primary and nursery schools (‘do we need any of them’ is a different story just like ‘do we need old-age homes’, but later on that) who had ambitions of being a Doctor, IT Professional or even a Politician! I was as surprised as you are (am I assuming that?) and couldn’t figure out where does it come from when I realized the theory of conditioning. How on earth the kids who are still being toilet-trained are so ‘calculative’? It’s simple… they (over)heard it; or they are made to hear to it, repeatedly. The daily soap effect, you know… saying a same thing 3 times with same expression with different light and sound effects. ‘It makes an impact...’ one of the TV Gurus said to me…!

TV, the Media is the second ‘teacher’ of this generation who can actually live on it. Remember a Student who comes from a family that earns Rs. 3,000 a month but manages to travel the whole country by Air and replay the same tape everywhere that once was hit at a ‘Cultural Program of Poetry Recitation’ in a university? This generation is really smart and knows the worth (read: face value) of everything. And they have learned it from their icons, their idols… the celebrities that are celebrated for not any specific contribution but their status that they have earned with their impeccable ‘Art of Having’!

Have we got everything right in a nation where... a Chief Justice breaks in tears in a National Conference, people and cattle are dying for water and the visit of politicians to offer them solace (not water!) is costing hundreds of thousands of liters of water to prepare helipads, women are considering themselves liberated by snatching their ‘right’ to enter the sanctum sanctorum of ancient temples and continuing the ‘tradition’ by following the ‘rituals’, a popular sport event is being celebrated and a rampant fire burning Museum of Natural History that destroys countless collections of the country's flora and fauna and possibly invaluable reference books is being said 'tragic' and moaned on the backdrop of Reserve Bank Governor’s earnest remarks about the economy… to list the minimum. Although there are also few positive things happening in the midst of this, their endurance, volume and impact would be negligible in the long course in absence of one major virtue that is missing – integrity!

Unless and until everybody, each and every one of us who considers himself/herself ‘Indian’, doesn’t make ‘Integrity’ the way of life and live by it every moment, there is no point in teaching children ‘Honesty’ by narrating Moral Stories. One who doesn’t practice what s/he preaches is a hypocrite and as we consider Einstein the intelligent one, we must agree that ‘example is the only way to teach’; what can we expect the next generation to become who is watching hypocrisy all around… noble ones?

Sustainability is not just a matter of Policy; it is a matter of individual and institutional ethics. It takes people of integrity and appropriate institutional structures to realize sustainable and inclusive development. 

(A Righteous) Way to go…!

Friday, April 22, 2016


Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
the most beautiful planet in the universe
all the continents and the oceans of the world
united we stand as flora and fauna
united we stand as species of one earth
black, brown, white, different colours
we are humans, the earth is our home.

Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
the most beautiful planet in the universe
all the people and the nations of the world
all for one and one for all
united we unfurl the blue marble flag
black, brown, white, different colours
we are humans, the earth is our home…!

‘Earth Anthem’ by Abhay Kumar

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Following the invention of Farming, ‘Agriculture’ became the first Business model wherein the smart man figured out the ways to earn profit by selling the surplus farm produce after fulfilling his domestic needs. The animal husbandry and poultry proved to be the subsidiary income sources in difficult times. Till this point there was no conflict or imbalance as such in the transactions as everybody was getting along in a peaceful and complimenting co-existence without any jeopardy of power, wealth or influence. This was the most peaceful, beautiful and plentiful ‘Green Era’ in its truest sense for Earth and her ecosystem(s).

The Business started its journey with ‘trade’ being introduced in the human interactions and this trade, on its way forward, evolved from Mercantilism to Capitalism with a major boost of Industrialization. This era of machines, besides being efficiently productive, introduced monstrous machines that would handle a job of 1000 people at a time. This transformation in the production line reduced an individual that had a potential to develop as an independent intelligent and conscious being, to a mere resource and just to differentiate it, awarded the degree of ‘Human’ [just like ‘Sire’] making it ‘Human Resource’!

As a department of a pre-management-boom corporation, HR in its nascent stages was more of a Labor Welfare or Health and Safety type of function that the top bosses always considered unproductive hence useless and therefore a overhead, if not a liability! It took decades for the capitalists to discover a fact that if a human brain had the capacity to bring all this development, it sure could handle the resources in an organized and efficient manner, if developed. Thus was borne the faculty called ‘Management’ that realized in the form of Business Administration with basic specializations of Marketing, Finance and HR.

Human Resource Management is an epic in itself and can’t be covered fully even in a 1000 pages volume dedicated to it. However it seems to be underestimated, if not ignored, when it comes to strategic functions of any corporation. The focus of HR has always been cost-cutting and down-sizing with a spice of fashionable training and development initiatives at ‘cool’ locations. It’s another story that the objective of any HR Activity boils down to increased productivity and seldom holistic well-being, let alone Sustainable Development of People, Planet or even Profit. I have elucidated on what it means by sustainable business or profit in my previous posts hence no point in repeating it here. As the HR was always tied to Performance Management and Remuneration Allowances, mostly being the reason of conflict owing to the disagreement between two sides, it was generally hated by the non-HR workforce and considered as overhead by the management and neither adored by it except for the downsizing.

On the other hand, Workforce or Staff that used to get daily wages or a monthly salary with additional benefits like paid leaves, loan advances, provident fund and gratuity, suddenly became the ‘TEAM’ in the wake of liberalization and globalization as India opened the gates to free economy around nineties. The TEAM Members were lured with Packages, Incentives and even stock options that combined as CTC, to win their loyalty and long term commitment. Young generation around the millennium started their career with 6 figure package that their parents couldn’t manage to get even in their late fifties. As a person deprived of food for months is least bothered about the nutritional values of the food he could get hold of to feed his hunger, it was not a wonder that the generations those were favored with such a fortune of packages that enabled them to have their own house, four wheeler and many more things before reaching even Thirty and their parents were fulfilled to see their labor bearing fruits! Everything was as close as to a fairy tale and nobody seemed to bother about ‘from where is all this coming’ or ‘at the cost of what?’ as everybody was busy in… ‘Aur dikhao…’ [Show me some more].

Come the millennial generation and this most evolved generation of human species was not only the smartest but had something in their DNA that came with an inbuilt practical awareness and productive concern for their environment and eco-system. For them Package was only important if they were offered a job / profession that could make a positive difference in other’s lives in the most eco-friendly way! They had the guts to turn anything down that won’t fit their bill and go on to have their own enterprise with a start-up supporting environment all around.

In modern economy, human (intellectual) capital is the only competitive advantage as everything else could be matched in the open market. Branding and Brand value have taken a complete new form and shape in the changed world economy and it has become imperative to position your brand image to attract both, customer loyalty as well as talent pool. Berthon, Ewing and Hah define employer attractiveness as the envisioned benefits that a potential employee sees in working for a specific organization. The construct may be thought of as an antecedent of the more general concept of employer brand equity. In other words, the more attractive an employer is perceived to be by potential employees, the stronger that particular organization’s employer brand equity. HR plays an instrumental and strategic role in this and it’s high time for HR to rise above Payrolls and KPI and PLVR… seriously!

There is a research on Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation with quite interesting insights like – ‘This shows that organizations which have economic power and which act according to ethical values in society can be found attractive even though they are not focused on social responsibility…’ All such outcomes and conclusions of any study and research points to a single factor that needs to be paramount in this journey of CSR – We need to understand the Core of CSR first, everything else is a check-box activity otherwise that is good enough for GRI reporting and CSR Awards!

Definitely, [a long] Way to go…!

Monday, April 18, 2016


‘To be or not to be’ could be a question that haunted Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet, but for Krishna’s Arjuna, it was ‘To fight or not to fight’! Although Arjuna made an effort to contemplate on his moral dilemma, the war was inevitable for him and he had to fight it, no matter what. We, each of us, meet such a predicament everyday as we ‘struggle’ to achieve something in our endeavor called ‘survival’… and not ‘life’, mind you cause ‘Life of Struggle’ is an oxymoron (it intends that you enjoy struggle and are not willing to rise above it) and ‘Struggle for life’ is a completely different thing! Majorly there are 3 things that govern the entire struggling being in the form of a human – Power, Wealth and Immortality! What? You find the last one uncanny or intriguing or completely out of place…? I will discuss it in a minute, let me first tell you that all these 3 are wrong motives for any struggle and if a shrewd mind resolves that ultimately all this struggle is for being happy, I am sorry my friend, you’ve sadly mistaken…

‘Being Happy’ is a state of mind that requires nothing like abundance or influence but acceptance. Acceptance necessarily should not be a losing mentality or apprehensive attitude as in accepting defeat, success and victory also needs to be accepted diligently. The pure and joyous happiness needs no struggle and hence is absolutely stress-free; whereas ‘Happier’ is some fantasy state as it has a reference that is impermanent. Whenever a mind searches for something that is better than something else that it has experienced already, it becomes anxious and an anxious mind can never be stable, let alone happy. The anxiety is not only because of the fear of unknown but, at times, even about the certainty of the turnout as it makes the mind predictable enough to become depressed. So if the motive is changed, there is a change in the attitude and with an accepting attitude, where’s the struggle…?

Now coming to the immortality, have you ever seen any other animal or species that has a tradition of getting married or starting a family? Let’s not stretch it that far and beat around the ‘social animal’ bu--sh--! Have you ever seen any other ‘unsocial’ animal that is monogamous and faithful to a partner? And what do you think of this ‘monogamy virtue’ of human… moral evolution of physical intimacy? Love is again a completely different thing and platonic love transcends not only bodies and beauties but life and time as well, so we are not talking about the ‘love’ here. Secondly ‘marriage’ was never a conditional consequence of love; all the legendary love stories around the world tell us! So what was the motive of marriage and family… reproduction to continue the race? Oh, then why it had to be a certain father / family name that progeny should carry forward?

When the primeval man got wiser and started to understand more about itself than other species and the ecology it was part of, it figured out that his days were numbered and he could not live long enough to enjoy all the worldly belongings and possession he had acquired or could acquire in his course of life. At this point his first attempt was to discover something, a potion like nectar or a mudpack that could make his body age-proof, to make him immortal. After the R&D he put in to develop such remedy with all the intellect he had then, it resolved that nothing of such sort is possible. With the evolution, greed in him had reached the peak and the consciousness was yet to be developed (it’s under construction till date, that’s a different story!) The shrewd man at that point decided to have his 'legal heir' who will inherit his entire legacy from his name to every belonging he possessed and a bizarre struggle started which, after witnessing numerous blood-shading with rise and fall of many dynasties and empires, is still on! To sum it up, the fundamental root-cause of any struggle of a Human Being boils down to its uncanny desire of immortality; rest are just the tools to fight that war which continues forever…

The only mantra that can save the mortal souls from the agony of this struggle is what Krishna said to Arjuna in his most philosophical discourse of the history of mankind known as Bhagwad Gita

हतो वा प्राप्स्यसि स्वर्गं जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महीम् ।
तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चय: II

सुखदु:खे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभो जयाजयौ ।
ततो यूद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि II

Die, and you will win heaven; conquer, and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth.
Therefore, stand up, Arjuna, and be determined to fight your combat.
Accept pleasure and pain equally and so gain and loss, victory and defeat.
Get ready for the fight; then, fighting thus you will not incur sin.

I am on my path of duty and trying to bring my mind to the state of equanimity… (A long) Way to go…!

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Supreme Being...!

Pandurang Shastri Athavale (Dada), a renowned Indian Philosopher, Social Activist and founder of Swadhyaya Parivar (self-study process) once was on a tour somewhere around Gujarat. There was a temple of Lord Krishna under construction and people were visiting the place and contributing to the project with a religious gratitude. A wealthy tradesman came along and offered to put a full-size pure 24 karat Gold Statue of the Deity to bring the glamour to the place. Dada humbly declined the luring offer by saying that if that happens, people will remember the sponsor of the statue whenever they will look up to the Lord and might just start worshipping him instead of the GOD!

It takes a deep understanding of human psychology and great vision to look beyond the future and the people, who have it, are the real social reformers who strive to put the things in the right context and resist formation of a basis that would lead to situation, dispute or chaos in future. Barring those chosen wise souls, the society in general has been hypocrite all the way long and tends to be so for its momentary conveniences over bearing a little discomfort for larger good in long run. Moreover, it is not only easy to criticize anything, offer quick-fixes and protest against some supposedly ‘insensitive issue’, but it also offers the rewards in return, of being celebrated as radical intellectuals concerned about the state-of-affair; win-win situation, you know!

While studying for my PMP, I learned various weird terms but the most fascinating I found and hence remembered forever was Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram! All the techniques like these were devised to conduct a ‘Root-Cause-Analysis’ of any issue at hand – the most logical and sensible approach to any condition, I believe. But its prerequisites being, believing in nothing but reason and logic, unbiased and rational thinking and preparedness to go to the depths of the matter without any evident self-gain; a stupid thing to do in the evolved humanity for sure…!

We, the human beings in general, have developed this tendency to look for our own benefit in everything that we encounter and have established this in our social structure to presume this ability as being wise. The wealth follows the wisdom and it is only the wealth that is worshipped in the consumerist world. So the WWW gets its different and elaborated meaning here… Wisdom Wealth Worship! Ahh… we have made a discovery in due course, it seems, should we patent it...?!?

There are about 17 Global Challenges as suggested by the Sustainable Development Goals and the issues posing threat to humanity and the planet are much more and dire than what are tangible and documented. However to counter any of it, a single approach is needed for resource mobilization (now this again is a quasi-occult term as seen from the development perspective!), that is finding the Root Cause of everything that is around and start the journey of eradicating it. It might take years together but what we will have would be a permanent solution and not a quick-fix. It would be prudent to understand here in this context that, no matter Allopathy offering instant relief (not recovery, mind you!) with antibiotics has its place and space in the modern lifestyle, the ultimate way of life could only be Ayurveda which is not a remedy but a way of life. Any medicine has a side-effect vis-à-vis any good habit that nurtures the being further. But what it requires is discipline, faith and tenacity; not convenience, money and hurry!

There are 3 occurrences on 3 levels that triggered (?) this post. On the International level, apart from Climate change and Global Warming, terrorism is the most perilous monster that needs to be tackled at all levels with all the might… peacefully. On the national level there is a yearly event of a popular sport for the entertainment of the bored souls at the cost of filthy rich elements of society that is being condemned for wastage of our most scarce natural resource – water. On the state level there is lot of hullabaloo going on about women equality on the backdrop of entry to the sanctum sanctorum (गाभारा) of temples – termed as 'Paradigm Shift' by its protesters.

Well, from a neutral, sane and sensible point of view, there is nothing to support or oppose any of it as - the best way to fight terrorism is to stop participating in it; if the democratic country confers the right of freedom of expression to its citizens, it goes without saying that they have all the right to entertain themselves with either the daily soaps or the colourful circus of sports or something else, all brought to them in an official, legal and most lucrative way by the Government itself and the progressive souls concerned about women equality should take-up the upliftment of women from their drudgery to disrespect by their worst halves that is omnipresent in the entire existence at various levels. Symbolism is good enough for the expression of the pseudo-intellectuals and celebrating being avant-garde, what matters is the change in the day-to-day life where actual life happens without the bliss or the curse of any deity.

The Deity brings me to the conclusion of this write-up… today is Ram Navami – the festival to celebrate the Purushottam (Supreme Being) Shree Ram, the highest regarded Deity of Hindus for his unmatched virtues like loyalty, integrity and fortitude, which is good enough… how many people remember that when Rama put an arrow in Ravana’s navel to put him down and while Ravana was about to take his last breathe, Rama advised his brother Laxmana to bow to Ravana and get some knowledge about life that Ravana had mastered being the Scholar (Pandit) he was? Respecting your enemy for their worth is also one of the greatest virtues of a being, not necessarily of Deities, I guess.

Water is the purest form of life and it is abundant naturally. It runs down by following the laws of gravity and never tries to defy them unless when it changes the form and vaporizes. It doesn't fight with what comes in its way but finds the ways to espouse the obstacle in its way ahead by embracing it. But if you try to collect the water, it reduces to the size shape and colour of its container. Water has not left its characteristics but it is being forced to become a bonsai miniature of what it was naturally. The moment we will realize what we are doing to all our legacy, right from Prabhu Ramchandra, who doesn't need a temple for being worshipped, to Architect of Independent India Dr. Ambedkar, who would be happier to see his believers walking his path instead of dancing their way and rising to the occasion in its most incorrect, undemocratic and repulsive way… alas, would be the moment of rising... above all odds and start our coexistence!

Hoping that the entire Humanity comes to its senses soon, Happy Ram Navami! 

रामो राजमणिः सदा विजयते रामं रमेशं भजे ।
रामेणाभिहता निशाचरचमू रामाय तस्मै नमः ॥
रामान्नास्ति परायणं परतरं रामस्य दासोऽस्म्यहम् ।
रामे चित्तलयः सदा भवतु मे भो राम मामुद्धर ॥

Rama, the jewel among kings is always victorious; I do devotion to Rama, hence to Ramesha (Vishnu) by singing a song of devotion
Army of nocturnal beings was destroyed by Rama; I bow unto that Rama
There is no better recourse than Rama; I am servent of Rama
Resting of my mind may always be at Rama; Oh RAma, please uplift me!

Still a long way to go…!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Once a man appeared in a village and declared that he would by monkeys for 100 Rupees each. The villagers, realizing that there were plenty of monkeys in the nearby forest, went out and started catching them. The man bought thousands of monkeys for 100 Rupees each. As supply started to fall down, the villagers stopped catching more monkeys.

Now the man further announced that he would now buy monkeys at 200 Rupees each. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. As the supply diminished even further, people once again stopped catching monkeys and started going back to their farms. The man further increased the rate to 250 Rupees. Soon the supply of monkeys became so little that it was quite an effort to even get a glimpse of a monkey, let alone catch it!

The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at 500 Rupees. However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy on behalf of him. In the absence of the man, the assistant said to the villagers: “Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you at 350 Rupees each and when the man returns from the city, you can sell them to him for 500 Rupees.”

The villagers squeezed up with all their savings and bought all the monkeys. But they never ever saw the man or his assistant again in the village; only monkeys everywhere! 

Though this is just a fable that I found on internet, it is not very far from reality when it comes to the style of functioning of today’s markets, including Human Resource!

I observed my friends son, who turned 13 recently, behaving a little peculiar than the normal children of his age. The change in his behavior was at such a subtle level that it needed extremely perceptive mind to take notice of and his adolescence stage only added to its general acceptance as being natural. When I probed a little into the matter, as I found the situation little alarming and disquieting, I was dismayed to learn that he has been through a week long course of Mid-Brain Activation - MBA! I was speechless for some time as I tried to digest the fact that a well educated, well-to-do family close to me could do such an orthodox, insane and unscientific thing. It was further disheartening to understand that the family paid about 10,000 Rupees as fees for this ‘course’ and there was such a hurl for enrollment that there was waiting list for ‘registration’…! The lure was of 'Increasing the 'inactive' capacity of the brain along with sugar-coating of 'personality-development-through-cultivating-good-habits'.

‘Aspiration’ is one of the basic traits in human nature and moving a step up in the social status could be intrinsic in the civilized population and thus completely understandable. Also there could be nothing wrong in going to any extent, in completely ethical, legal and moral manner that is, for providing the atmosphere and ideal set of conditions for the future of humanity – our children. The problem starts when the parent generation considers their next generation as Bonds and Securities with excellent ROI on maturity. The alibis like 'parent always think for betterment of their children and not for themselves' are as lame as saying, ‘we sow the seeds to feed the earth!’ Selflessness is such an extraordinary virtue that it cannot be expected from ordinary people, but that could be a subject of different post at some other time. Once relations are transformed into commodity, every interaction becomes a transaction that is meant for profit and to raise the value of deal it becomes necessary to introduce additional capital every now and then, I am not even mentioning the fierce competition, it is deliberated!

Schooling itself is an over-sized capital nowadays that is over-traded in lieu of curious childhood and as if it is not doing enough damage to the process of learning and development, there are numerous extracurricular faculties to torment the entire being of a child on all its physical, mental and emotional levels right from sports to such, almost occult, experiments of Mid-Brain Activation. I mean, please… at least burn the slightest grey cells of your own to contemplate the possibility of a Mid-Brain? Do you want to teach your children to pretend, cheat or manipulate? Besides, the level of torture children are put through is clearly evident in the Chinese way of preparation for the Olympic Games. China, being the most competitive and presumed as the toughest competitor to US, comes up with most unnatural and imposed tools and techniques of ‘development’ every now and then and other 'progressive' Asian countries use Indian Market as either the guinea pig for their inexplicable inventions or dumping ground for the exhausted line of products, India being the biggest and most superstitious market that runs on whims and blind-following than logic and reason, particularly when it comes to future! Blind faith deprives its believers of living happily in the present and conditions their minds to think of everything in the context of the future which nobody actually can see! What a paradoxical insecurity…

Or it’s the other way round and it’s only me who looks at all these things ‘differently’? No, I mean if this is a paradox, what about the muscle building proteins, doping in sports, money laundering in politics / business (are these 2 different fields?), religion in ruling, extravagant celebrations in the drought conditions and absolutely shameless, phony commercials (the advertisements of products, not of school of thoughts on the ‘NEWS’ or ‘Religious’ channels!) that are bombarded on the TV 24x7 (have you ever met a real person in flesh, blood and skin who got at least one degree fairer by using a fairness cream?). All these and many more such things are not only openly accepted by the society but actually are celebrated; remember Vijay Mallya, flown away with a good fortune leaving India in bad debts…!?!

No wonder such an insecure, conformist, superstitious and hypocrite society falls prey to the hoax like DMIT, MET, MBA (Not to be confused with the other one, though the difference is of only type and not the hype!), NLP, PLR, and many more that sound more sophisticated and techno-savvy with ‘computerized testing’ and ‘digital reports’ (the new and more ‘urbane’ form of astrology) against the palm-readers and fortune-tellers around the corner. ‘What do you mean? How can a computer-generated and digitally printed report could be false?’ – A devoted believer of make-your-child-genius-in-a-week cult asked me. I almost fainted.

When I regained my senses, I felt extremely concerned for children, the only future that we have, can look up to and rely on, and decided to write this post for saving the monkeys from being caged (PETA, I hope you are with me!) and their progeny to be put in the box. I put up some research in the subject matter and came up with following most informative and insightful links for all my readers who would like to understand it little better and save their children the ordeal of going through any of it as I was shaken with what I saw and I am less bothered about the crooks making a business of it. I am enough a follower of Hindu Philosophy to believe that those frauds will meet their fate eventually and all we need to do is Be Aware and Take Care… of our Future Generation! Way to go…

By the way, why do people seem to be obsessed with the idea of prediction? If living becomes predictable won’t it be a ‘daily soap’ instead of a ‘life’? Can life be really planned, lived just like planned and if yes, what’s the use? And if there is no factor of uncertainty, where would we get all the excitement and surprises? Won’t it be extremely boring and dull… as Rose feared it in Titanic?

If I have missed any significantly relevant link that you could find, please add it in the comment below for everybody's reference. Thanks.

Note - I changed the words 'Indian Spirituality' to 'Blind Faith' when I learned (and agreed) that it was a (seriously) wrong choice of words, thanks to my friend Dinesh.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


“In my parents view, in their LEAN business model, my life was a big failure…” Touching!

Friday, April 8, 2016


There once lived a proud stag. While wandering in the forest, he came upon a pond. He stopped there to drink water in order to quench his thirst. As he bent down, he saw his own reflection in the water. “How beautiful are my antlers!” he thought, admiring its long curves.

As the stag was admiring his antlers, he suddenly noticed his legs. “Oh! Look at my skinny legs. I cannot believe God has given me both beautiful antlers and such ugly legs,” he thought. The proud stag now felt ashamed of his legs. His pride vanished. “These ugly legs are no match for my beautiful antlers,” he thought. Just then the stag heard the roar of a lion. When he turned around he saw a lion charging at him. “Oh no!,” screamed the stag and ran as fast as he could.

The stag felt the lion’s breath close to him, “I must get into the densest part of the forest where there are many branches. The lion will not be able to catch me in that part of the forest,” thought the stag. So, with this thought in mind, the stag ran into an area where there were many bushes and branches. Soon the stag had left the lion far behind.

“Ah, I outsmarted the lion,” thought the stag proudly. But all of a sudden his antlers got entangled between the trunks of two trees standing close to each other.

“Aaarghh!” cried the stag, as he had to stop at once. The more he tried to free himself, the more difficult it became. As the stag was struggling to get free, the lion came nearer and nearer.

“How I praised my horns and cursed my legs. Now I know the real value of my legs which almost took me to safety,” wailed the stag. The lion pounced on the stag and killed him. That was the end of the proud stag.

You must be wondering why I am bothering to tell you this Aesop’s fable you must have heard in Kindergarten…!?! The reason to reiterate this story is its relevance in the recent difficult, disturbing and volatile (or intolerant?) times…! The morale of the stories hold true now than ever that 'to survive and make progress one should focus on its inner strengths than outward appearance…!'

Let's learn this lesson on the day celebrated as the dawn of humanity... Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I am Buddha...!

A film that portrays the exploitation of young minds to the sinister brainwash in Universities, falling prey to the rotten political system and societal structure while probing into clash of socialism, capitalism, corruption and poverty in the Superpower-in-making India.
It's more than a film... It's another 'Discovery of India'... real, contemporary and forthright!

Buddha in a Traffic Jam - A Film by Vivek Agnihotri - Releasing on 6 May 2016.