Sunday, April 26, 2015



True philosopher that he as, Socrates believed that the wise person would instinctively lead a frugal life. He himself would not even wear shoes; yet he fell under the spell of the marketplace and would go there often to look at all the wares on display. When one of his friends asked why, Socrates said:

"I love to go there and discover how many things I am perfectly happy without..." 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

विनाशाकडून विकासाकडे...!

काल शुक्रवार, दि. २४ एप्रिल २०१५ रोजी, तेजस नगर आयोजित वसंत व्याख्यानमालेच्या उद्घाटनाच्या व्याख्यानासाठी प्रखर पर्यावरणवादी श्री.दिलीप कुलकर्णी यांचे अत्यंत विवेकशील आणि तेवढेच परखड विचार ऐकण्याची आणि सरांशी GDP / GNH वर चर्चा करण्याची सुवर्णसंधी मिळाली. आपले विचार कुणीतरी प्रत्यक्ष आचरणात आणू शकते आहे याचे अप्रूप आणि आंनद आगळाच होता. सरांनी निवांत आणि प्रदीर्घ चर्चेसाठी कुडावळ्याला येवून रहाण्याचे निमंत्रण दिले आहे. बघू या कधी आणि कसे जमते आणि कोण कोण येते…! मूळच्या मेकॅनिकल इंजिनियर असणाऱ्या आणि पर्यावरण रक्षणासाठी आत्मसिद्ध संयमाने 'वनवासी' होऊन आनंद साधना करणाऱ्या या तपस्वीस सलाम…!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015


Shivaji Trail, a 20 years old Fort Restoration Group of Pune is engaged in various Fort Restoration activities on no. of forts all around Maharashtra, spreading it's wings to other states of India with its flagship initiative for 19 years - Durg-pooja! My association with Shivaji Trail as Consultant soon converted into the Advisory Board Member and I found myself leading the 'Vishwakarma' Subha that is meant for documentation of the forts where the restoration works are either in progress or planned for in near future.

To appropriately commence this Documentation Drive, a relatively small and comparatively newer Malhargad was selected and the measurement work for the detailed survey to follow was commenced on Sunday, 19 Apr 2015, marking the beginning of this ambitious project 'Vishwakarma' that aims to document as many fort as possible to the as finest detail as possible. Way to go...!

Please visit following links for additional info and photographs of the drive. Thanks.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

आदर्श शिक्षक...!

चाणक्य नीती राष्ट्र उभारणीतील सर्वाधिक महत्वाचा घटक - शिक्षक!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


As far as the ‘development’ is considered, what I look forward to is a conscientious effort of a rational society with the help of an ethical corporate model governed by an altruistic political will towards a lifestyle that would be a combination of civilizations like Bhutan and Norway, however idealistic or unpractical that might seem to an acquisitive eye! And this hypothesis owes to my personal disposition, life experience and understanding of human values and dogmas at large, majorly from Indian context, quite obviously.

As it is, we are the most value-rich yet hypocrite (pro-poor) society this planet has seen and couldn’t be a better option than us to make an interesting case-study with all the history we had, present we live in and future we envisage (or brag?). I should consider myself fortunate having landed in this ‘God’s Own Land’ where majority of the problems have a simple solution of leaving it to the favorite Deity and make a deal of offering something in exchange for every wish granted… so very enigmatic! Anyway that is not the subject matter for now; I will cover it elsewhere if I must.
Today I am all about development and let’s not lose the track just like any other infrastructure project that, after tons of design revisions, heaps of budget amendments and plenty of rescheduling; reveals the fact, right after the completion of it, that there was a fundamental misassumption in the proposal…! (Curious can refer to (m)any PWD project(s) in general and ‘Hinjewadi’ bypass in particular.) Standing upright on my status and position, I am not allowed to do that, anyway. So let’s move forward… 
You must have heard of the rocking chair, haven’t you? I bet you have because being an Indian and living with many others of the same mentality (read – nationality), I know it for sure that the second best love of Indians is… relaxing! This age-old, ingenious tool of relaxing is quite popular in this part of the world, isn’t it? What an irony… this same rocking chair symbolizes our developing (?) status today!

There is a cliché with the analogy of Rocking Chair that goes like – “Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” Well, I do not know much about worry as it is not that dear to me (I prefer meditation!), but I always get tempted to replace this ‘worry’ thing in the quote with ‘development’, whenever I hear it. You ask ‘Why?’ Oh… simply because, I strongly believe that after a certain stage Human Evolution has stopped and what we are doing for centuries together is worst than beating around the bush. We believe that we are making progress by rocking the chair, but the chair is stuck to a point in time and just moving back and forth on the pivot of ignorance… which is a bliss after all as they say! And with the waning chair that has rocked more than it could, we are ought to break it and fell and fell really hard, shattering ourselves to irrecoverable pieces… and species!

Scary picture, is it? It certainly is. It could be scary, it could be devastating, it could be shocking or it could be… so obvious. But you can change it if you want to. Yes, you certainly can change it for better by changing yourself! And that’s where Bhutan and Norway are going to show us the way… One with discarding the rotten concept of GDP and replacing it with GNH and the other by constantly ranking top in the HDI Index! Let’s make these two, characteristically poles apart but principally homogeneous, societies our Guru of Modern living. India has the greatest opportunity to make it and make it really big in the inclusive holistic sustainable development while being a role model of it, owing to her History, Geography, Wisdom and Spirituality. All we need to do is keep aware and remember Grail Knight’s advice to Indiana Jones – ‘Choose wisely!’

GDP – Gross Domestic Product, GNH – Gross National Happiness, HDI – Human Development Index