Monday, August 26, 2013


Since 'Today' is the First Day of the Rest of My Life, it deserves a little elaboration, I guess. And although it should not be a thanksgiving speech necessarily, I must express my gratitude for the attitude and considerate gesture of all my well-wishers who wished me through Email, SMS, Social Media and Phone Calls. Upon celebrating (?) another Birthday yesterday (What’s there in number, you can always do the math) I took a while to look at my life in retrospection. I won’t say I made some constructive, concrete or profound resolution or anything; but yes, I certainly thought of something that could change the course of my life. Although, according to the ‘progressive elaboration’ principle of PMP that states ‘the visibility of the end is less at the beginning’, I can see a very blurred picture of what I am trying to envisage. Still there are 5 things, for sure, that I would certainly strive to do…
1. Make most of my skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitude in the most ‘rewarding’ way.
2. Try to ‘cope with’ the situations for the most positive outcome yet continue being myself.
3. Focus on accepting, celebrating and enjoying 'rather than’ analysing, criticizing and elaborating.
4. Trying to make people ‘comfortable’ and be comfortable myself in the public & social situations.
5. Continue to live life to the fullest but never ‘expect’ it (or anything) to be fair, logical or explicable… always!
I very well understand and realize that it is extremely difficult for me to act upon all of these, but the dictionary meaning of difficult and impossible is different, I believe! Besides, I never had the inclination to do the mundane, simple, ordinary and commonplace things..! Well, this is it for now and I certainly would make it a point to make more frequent appearance at this place as I definitely am committed to the 'Be Cause'…!
Stay tuned and Celebrate the Resolution…!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Durga Shakti...!

There would be no Indian who doesn’t know the story of Birth of Lord Krishna. Although, how many who knew it, reflect upon it is a concern we will discuss some other time. Just to remind you the story, here is the most important and relevant part of it…

…Kansa the king of Mathura was an oppressor who had imprisoned his father in order to become the king. Devaki was Kansa’s sister and was married to a noble man Vasudeva. Kansa one day heard a heavenly voice saying, "Kansa, your days of tyranny are numbered and you will be killed by the eighth baby of Devaki." The terrified Kansa immediately imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva. He did not want to take any chance and killed each and every child of Devaki at birth until the time came for the delivery of the eighth child. For the optimum safeguard Kansa increased the number of prison guards, kept strict vigilance and locked Vasudeva in chains. But God planned otherwise…

According to mythology, this was Dwapar Yug when the devils, however powerful they might be, were always outnumbered largely by the angels. And there were such divine beings as ‘Krishna’ upon who people could rest assured. The mythology might be over and the characters could be imaginary but the principles and philosophy of it is more applicable in this Kaliyug where we have Kansa in abundance and not a single Krishna to fight them. At such time if Durga – the Kali – tries to replace the Krishna it is the duty of the society to support her acts and deeds. After all it was the people only who lifted the Gowardhan, Krishna offered his little finger as moral support – ‘Yes, you can…!’

Today what brought me to this story is flashing news about Durga Shakti Nagpal, an IAS officer who is being humiliated by the rotten political forces and their lustful objectives. Also the judiciary system is trying to keep out of it with an alibi that it is the matter of State Government Administration. No, it is not. This is the matter of Corrupt Powers thrashing the Honest and Competent authorities those are trying to actually bring the change these hypocrite politicians used for elections for years. This is a National Issue for every Indian who works hard to earn his two meals and tries to live a respectable and honest life. These indecent and autocratic efforts must be condemned and buried before they get succeeded and people as well as media conveniently forget about them, as always…! 

It’s high time… really very high time. Enough whistle blowing, it’s time for action… Sign on the Facebook Campaign I have created for it HERE. 

Stay tuned and Be Aware, Think Change and Take Action…!