Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rice.. Nice!

Peter Rice, an Irish structural engineer who originally studied Aeronautical Engineering but switched to Civil Engineering and designed the roof of the Sydney Opera House which was his first professional assignment! His poetic invention, his ability to turn accepted ideas on their head and his rigorous mathematical and philosophical logic made him one of the most sought-after engineers of our times. Following is the poem by Peter Rice that he supposedly composed in his last days...!

Tonight I know that I will leave
The fight is done
And slowly as I say goodbye
I need to speak
And say my love for close-knit friends.
Support, support was what they gave
They made me live.
To die, not old, cocooned in love
Transferring through a point in time
To somewhere else
A gift we have no right to ask
And it is mine.
My brainwaves span the cool night air
And tap goodbye to friends unseen.
Will they go on and span in time
My after life
I’d like to know...!