Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Recently I came across a ‘case’ of a getting-conveniently-married-age-passed lady and her parents concerned about her future as she had a considerable threat of remaining single for rest of her life. As it was obvious and apparent that the main reason behind their plenty of unsuccessful attempts of getting her married was her superfluous obesity coupled with overrated expectations and ‘so what?’ attitude. The family had all the accusations about the entire league of the insensitive could-be-husband-bachelors who turned down their proposal, right from deteriorated value system to global warming to social disparity to terrorism to market volatility, but they never seemed to have even slightest of reflection about their case’s blemish. All the time they made it sound like everything with the world is wrong and it’s nothing they could have done about it earlier or even starting from NOW. I was not only devastated but spellbound to see the insensitivity of all those would-be-grooms who couldn’t see the sincerity of the family in bringing up a girl child so adoringly that she turned out to be a ‘so what?’ type and wished to remain like that forever!

The solution to this situation starts with accepting that the lady is over-aged and over-weight that is number one and, despite the fact that it is already too late, have an action plan in place with a strong belief of ‘There is no wrong time to do a right thing!’ Her age is not that big issue in today’s era of enhanced self-efficacy, but her weight is, as it shatters the ‘first impression’. So if the remedial steps are started in good time, she could reduce to a comfortably acceptable stature, if not very adorable.

In another instance it was a teenage boy caught in a dilemma about his future as his mother wanted him to be either Sachin Tendulkar or Hrithik Roshan and his father was looking forward to send him to NASA to become a distinguished aeronautics expert. There was a small problem though; the boy never had held the cricket bat with a proper stance, had below average looks with total weight of 21 KG including everything he has worn – jeans, tee-shirt, sport shoes, glasses and cap. This was nothing compared to the dream he himself had for his 'career' – studying social sciences and becoming an honest politician!

In this case it was not the problem that everybody was speculating too early for the distant future but it was everybody’s lack of awareness of the facts and figures. ‘Nothing is impossible for those who have a dream…’ is true only with its later part ‘…and a strategic long-term plan to fulfill that dream!’ It takes years and years of dedicated training, toil and incredible passion to achieve big goals, ask PeeCee! Nothing is a piece of cake even if it looks like sitting in the plate waiting for you to have it.

Now to make some sense of everything I have poured out of my brain on this page, let’s play a game. Replace that waiting-to-get-married puffy lady with Corporate Sector, this feeble honest-politician-in-making teenager with NGOs and their Parents with the Government. Everything should start to make sense immediately when you would replace ‘liposuction’ or ‘body-building protein-supplements’ with CSR…! :)

Way to go…