Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Purpose...!

Why am I doing it…?
What is the worth of what I do…?
How long can I stretch this…?
Who should guide my journey…?
Where is it heading anyway…?

If you are one of the souls who are interrogated by such questions once in a while, this story is for you.

And if you are not, well… you always have a choice to read further or close this tab, don’t you…?!?

There was this wise man of the desert. He had 3 sons and 17 camels. In his last words on his death bed, he declared…
“The first son should get half of the camels…
The second son should get one third of the camels…
And the third son should get one ninth of the camels…!”

Now all 3 sons were in a fix about counting and dividing the camels as it would mean to kill the camels.

When the wise Birbal heard about the situation he appeared on the scene with his own camel.

Sons said ‘we will not accept your camel as our father would have never approved of it’.
To which Birbal replied, ‘I am not going to gift you my camel anyway, just let it stand there for a while’.

With Birbal’s camel the total count of camels summed to 18.
First Son took half of 18 – 9 Camels.
Second Son took one third of 18 – 6 Camels.
Third Son took one ninth of 18 – 2 Camels.
Total 17 camels… Birbal returned with his own camel…

Moral of the story…
Whenever you find yourself in the cyclone of questions or a situation like above, bring in the eighteenth camel to the scene and you might survive the situation!

I like to call this eighteenth camel… PURPOSE!
Try to analyse this further and you would find some interesting insights… I did!

Stay tuned and recount your camels…!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Well, well, well… so that’s it! Lot of research and discussions… Enthusiasm of Application… Excitement with the batch-mates in the 36 Hours Workshop… Enlightenment by the able and a little sarcastic facilitator… 40 days of rigorous preparation… Exhausting and hectic ST Bus travel of 12 hours in a day… Showering Mumbai Monsoon at its worst… Pathetic transport conditions and arrogant and indifferent local transporters… No time to grab a quick bite, a tea or a fag for 12 hours… and a test actually testing not only the Knowledge and Skills but the Serenity as well… WHAT NOT…!?!
But after all the labour-pains a baby-cry is the reward! I was more concerned than confident when I hit the ‘End Exam’ button. The 10 seconds before the next screen felt like insensate eternity until I saw the words ‘Congratulations’ that brought me back to the mortal world in the moment of bliss…! Here’s the reward of this little ambitious initiative I undertook…