Sunday, May 6, 2018


Recently I watched a video about an experiment wherein a bowling ball and a feather are dropped from a height and both reached the floor at the exact same moment with an exact same speed. It seemed like a miracle that defied the gravity. Was it a trick or was it a magic show where hypnosis is used to control viewer’s minds to make-believe what is being shown to them? Neither was the case and it turns out to be a real-time scientific experiment conducted, controlled and monitored by trained scientists and physicists under the surveillance of many cameras. There was a minute condition to this falling experiment though... it was carried out in a complete and absolute vacuum... in absence of AIR!

In fact, the objective of the experiment itself was to prove that it is the Resistance of Air that causes the weights of objects behave differently in any physical movement, in general, and in a vertical ‘fall’ in particular. Science finds its ways to prove things that cannot be seen with eyes or shown with projecting. Air can be sensed and felt but is not visible and Science needs to prove it otherwise, by making its absence felt. This experiment was not that phenomenal by its own virtue in the world where AI, Bio-mechanics and Quantum Physics are being deliberated, one might claim. What makes this experiment incredible is its philosophical texture that establishes the principles of equality by removing the Air, in due course!

How this experiment could be related to our lives, though? Well, it is based on two fundamental assumptions of Theory of Relativity and Laws of Gravity. Law of gravity works equally for every physical matter that falls in space of its influence and the shape, form, mass and momentum of objects is relative. What makes the difference is the resistance, lighter the object more the resistance of air and vice-e-versa. Now Air is a constant here, unless you live in a vacuum (seclusion, for that matter!), and variable is the resistance that is inversely proportional to the weight (aka- mass) of the object.

Now consider this – everybody that can realize, measure and analyze the element of TIME gets exactly same 24 HRS in a day and 24 x 60 x 365 = 5, 25,600 minutes in a year; just like the law of gravity. Nobody gets an additional hour for his or her position or disposition, not even on Mondays or a May-Day. If there’s no difference in the amount of time everybody gets for a fresh day every day, what makes the difference in the lifestyle of all the individuals that is apparently different from each other? Let us try to figure it out with the experiment of Free Fall in the Vacuum.

The first attribute is the weight of the character that makes a huge difference. This weight is your personality that needs to be crafted with rigorous molding, forget a personality development workshop on weekend; it won’t help you to reach that level. You will have to work on your-self to make a desirable resource that anybody would bid for in the professional job-market. It’s a give and take world where there are no free lunches. The size, type and quality of lunch offered to you will always remain exactly proportionate to the value you bring to the board and add to the table. So there is no alternative but to increase your worth with a consistent and persistent learning and development.

Meanwhile, you need to remove the air, remember? So what’s this Air about in a professional world where you need to be equal, convert the floating into free-fall and defy the gravity? This Air is spelled EGO in the real world. Ego is the state of mind that is conditioned to assume, judge, have presumptions and prejudice that eventually converts to narrow-mindedness, suspicion, rivalry and restriction... to growth in any direction by any measure in any point of reference. Build your Brand, Raise your Value, Remove the EGO, Create a vacuum free of AIR and see the magic... for your-Self!

All the best and way to go...!

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