Monday, April 9, 2018


"Who's teaching us this...?"
"When was the last time you had a decent conversation from a politician about jobs, about farmers, about demonetization?"
"Who's going to talk about the fact that everyday in our newspaper there is a new story about Banks that are losing money... our money?"
"Governments are supposed to supply us with Education, with Health, with Clean Air, Clean Water and Affordable Food. When are we going to talk about that?"
"We are not individuals to these people. We are not Human Beings. They see you as a vote to be manipulated during each election. And they send you WhatsApp messages telling you how to hate somebody else. Because these people think we are idiots... We need to reject them." 
"My religion is not your business. My caste is not your business. The fact that over a third of this country go to bed without food is your business. The children under the age of five in this country are still dying for avoidable diseases is still your business."   
"We are going to dedicate time and energy and people into busting every single lie. Because we will not bow down and let you sell our democracy for your cheap political gains, all of you, whoever you are, bring it on!
Bring on your lies..."

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