Tuesday, March 13, 2018


It's not about a thing, a gadget or any utility, it is about construct of the human brain to get used to something to the extent of being addicted t0 it, eventually. Bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking might have some physical ill effects and in some cases might even prove to be fatal and it is not to say that it's okay. However, an individual indulging in any such addiction will do harm to himself or herself and to his/her family, may be. But things like such addictions are the conspiracies to penetrate into the minds, brains and fundamental thinking and behaving mechanism of the society at large and make them slaves of the ideology, philosophy and intents that are not very pure in their very nature.

Human brain is an extremely sophisticated and highly developed form of a processor that receives some information, analyzes and processes it with some pre-loaded applications and generates information for storing and circulation. Consider a case of buying a new PC o Laptop for yourself wherein you decide the 'Configuration' of what you need and that combination of specific Hardware and Software gives you the result you desire. How difficult would it be for you to take full control of your 'machine' and make it behave as you want it to? Not very tough, except for some intruders like malware and viruses that could be taken care of by the Defender or the Security programs, right?

This would be the case with the 'Humans' who would fall prey to this trap of 'Advocacy' - it could be easily predefined what such Dumb species with Smart gadgets should see, read, watch and interact with. Specially customized content for a specific purpose could be made available 24x7 and almost free as it is the investment of those conspirators to develop their audience to act in a programmed manner on their orders, as and when required!

It's not too late though, Wake up NOW and understand the game. Let us not surrender to Dopamine but learn about it and make well-informed decisions. Our Brain is not gifted to us, we have earned it with evolution of hundreds of thousands of years. It would not be worth to put it to service of a plotter who makes a puppet of you. You are Your-SELF that has taken birth and grown as 'YOU' and its being should not get affected by a lousy WA message or a like on FB or a cheap comment on IG, it is much bigger and deeper than that.

Explore your-SELF, be kind with YOU, give your-SELF that s-p-a-c-e and RESPECT because you are UNIQUE. Everybody can be Anybody but not YOU! Never ever lose the identity - your individuality to stand apart, have an opinion and voice it loud. Get rid of those useless time-lags of aimlessly and helplessly lingering on your screens; get a life...!

(Awaken) Way to go...

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