Friday, November 24, 2017


Ivan Illich, a Croatian-Austrian Philosopher and critic of the institutions of Modern Western culture known for his exemplary work "De-schooling Society", reportedly exclaimed that, "...this Prophet (Vinoba) has written it 30 years earlier...!" when he learned about "शिक्षण : तत्व आणि व्यवहार" in Marathi by Vinoba. There are two constraints for Collective wisdom of entire Indian Philosophy works - Vernacular Language and Inaccessibility. The first constraint is a huge challenge as it requires a herculean task of understanding the content for their intent and translating them in the universal language without losing the gist of it.

Another, seemingly easier, task is to provide access to all this hidden pearls of wisdom. Recently we learned about IIT Kanpur's effort of developing 'Gita Supersite' where about 6,00,000 pages are scripted and made available in 11 languages for the readers. Yesterday, another such event took place when Dr. Abhay Bang released '' - an extraordinary effort by MKCL to digitize about 1,00,000 pages of works of Vinoba on various aspects of life from Education to Spirituality and Politics to Karmayog.


This website is a treasure of Indian Wisdom that has opened doors of the quantum (literally!) analysis of each and every concept that touches and affects human life in any form and at any scale. Although many people missed the insider perspective of this sage narrated explicitly by Dr. Abhay Bang - a close and dear disciple of Vinoba right from his own Birth to Vinoba's demise - as the Chief Guest at the event who was. However all the works of Vinoba he talked about are available on the portal which is a 'Must Learn' (not just 'visit' or 'watch') Knowledge Portal (and not just another website). You can learn about this treasure here.

Stay tuned and Way to go...!

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