Sunday, August 14, 2016

My National Prayer...!

The grand Scene of birth of Independent India: 
In that mid-night, the flag of the ruler of two centuries lowered; 
The tri-color Indian flag flaps in the Red Fort in the midst of National Anthem.
The first vision of Independent India was dawned.

The rejoice everywhere, happiness all around,
There was a tender cry: where is the father of the nation? 
The white clothed soul walking in the midst of sorrows and pain,
Injected by hatred and ego, the result of communal violence.

The father of the nation, Mahatma, walking bare footed
In the streets of Bengal for peace and harmony
With the strength of blessed soul of Mahatma 
I pray the Almighty: When will be the dawn of second vision?

Create thoughts in the minds of my people,
And transform those thoughts into action. 
Embed the thought of Nation being bigger than 
The individual, in the minds of leaders and people.

Help all the leaders of my country to give strength
And bless the nation with peace and prosperity.
Give strength to all my religious leaders to bring 
'Unity of Minds' among all our billion people 

Oh Almighty, bless all my people to work and transform
Our country from a developing into a developed nation. 
Let this second vision be born out of sweat of my people,
And bless our youth to live in Developed India. 

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