Sunday, October 11, 2015

Invincible at 73!

45 Years of Magic on Silver Screen from Babu Moshaya to Wazir, this Living Legend Star of the Millennium turns 73 today. Always larger than life, Big B has more commitment, influence, power, versatility and fan-following than all the heroes of today put together including his own son. This is neither because of sheer luck, background or network nor only persistence and tenacity, but 10% the combination of all of these and 90% disciplined hard work he never ceased to put in, no matter what the assignment is! The most (and probably the only) punctual celebrity (in its truest sense), Big B puts himself in the character to live it’s life which makes Babu Moshaya, Amit, Ravi, Vijay, Azad, Arjunsingh, Shahenshah, Sarkar, Bhutnath, Buddhadev, Bhashkor and even Harish Mishra in The Last Lear, equally convincing. 

No silver screen in the world will ever witness such a range from a single Actor (that’s what he prefers to call himself, by the way!) and that’s why we look forward to watch him for many more years to come as HE is the only Superhero who does practically impossible things on the screen and we like to believe it that they are doable! Besides that, he is the icon of aging heroes as he has graced the AGE with both his off-screen and on-screen presence (Chini Kum), remember Paresh Raval’s face when he learns that Ghaspoos is in love with Tangdi Kabab and so does she?

Big B has carved himself such a niche, not only in the film industry but in millions of hearts all round the globe as well, that is interestingly reflected in one of his most popular dialogue – ‘Hum janha khade ho jate hai line wahise shuru hoti hai…!’ It will be like that for years to come, we believe! 

Wishing all the Health, Grace and Wholesomeness to Big B on his Birthday, we thank our most beloved ‘Bachchan’ and look forward to celebrate his 100th Birthday with same zeal, enthusiasm and optimism! Way to go…

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