Saturday, August 2, 2014

History, Glory... Story!

Yesterday proved to be a Historical Nostalgic Retrospective Day for me! After a professional meeting in the morning where I once again failed to cope with the pretentious dictator with indistinct expectations trying to manipulate me, I had this golden opportunity in the afternoon to meet one of our School Teachers living nearby my house all by himself and continue to inspire us with an incredible example of being independent at the age of 81...!

Except for the age, we could not feel any change in the compassion or devotion to make a good citizen out of his pupils, through his trembling yet soothing voice that was more sopping because of the empathy. It was heartening to connect with the strong emotions we shared about all the issues right from the condition of our school to the International Economics and Geopolitics. Only the years have passed, nothing between us – we and our school and our teachers – has changed much as far as the learning the prior has received from the later two is concerned... and how relieving that fact was for the confused minds is just beyond the words, why even expression of any sort; it’s an experience to enliven and cherish forever...!

In the evening, we went to meet Mr. Milind Kshirsagar, an iconic role model for the trek and trail lovers! Milind had travelled more than Lac kilometres on his Bajaj Chetak scooter that he has modified for the cruising purpose and his wife and son accompanied him for all these expeditions, something beyond the imagination of an average commuter. As if this journey of three on two wheels is not startling itself, Milind has a collection of assorted historic artifacts of various characteristics and antique values, right from a Gramophone, Trumpet (Tutari) to Swords and Javelins and collection of assorted liquor sealed in creative containers that he collected as souvenirs from various places he visited across India. In these adventurous undertakings, he met with accidents, some of which could have proved fatal hadn’t been it for his fortitude and determination to carry his own leg separated from the upper-body to the nearby hospital for operation. These stories have become legends literally as somebody told this story to Milind himself with little exaggeration!

As if the visitors are not perplexed enough with the stories and visuals of these ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, Milind has something more to offer with his endeavor Shivaji Trails’ which is his dream, undertaking, initiative and passion, all at the same time. He is absolutely obsessed with the Splendor of Forts of Maharashtra and committed to conserve their heritage value and improve their conditions at any cost... literally! 

Completely mesmerized and almost bedazzled with the story and glory of the history that we had an opportunity to engage with for few hours, we left Milind for planning his next event of the weekend, thinking these must be the people who made the history! You will find everything about Milind’s project at and you must visit, like and share his Facebook Page at –

 The larger-than-life intentions led by legendry persons and passions call for huge public support to endure and enshrine. 

“An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die...”

Stay tuned and let us help conserve the glorious heritage...!

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