Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Today let’s try and find out what ‘Management’ is all about. By the way, if you find any similarity between these stories and Panchatantra, it’s NOT mere coincidence. In fact you can call it ‘The 21st Century Panchatantra’! Enjoy and see if you can find some Hitopadesh from the Jataka...!

A dog wandering in the jungle lost his way and saw a lion approaching him. The dog was anxious and thought “It’s the last day of my life!” He glanced around in despair and found few bones scattered in front of him. He immediately turned his back to the lion, sat down and started chewing the bones and loudly exclaiming “Wow! It is such a treat to have a lion for the lunch! If I can manage to find one more it would be quite a feast!” and he burped aloud. This took the lion by surprise and the lion thought “It must be a mighty dog that attacks a lion for prey! I must run away and save my life!” and it took a flight.

There was a monkey sitting on the tree witnessing all this drama. He thought it’s a great opportunity to tell the truth to the lion and befriend him so that I can live in peace for the entire life by having lion in my favor. It hurriedly chased the lion but could not hide from the dog who immediately grasped that there is some conspiracy to handle. The monkey reached the lion and narrated the story of him being fooled by the dog and the lion roared and said, “Come on, Sit on my back. Let’s get back to that stupid dog and I will end the story he started.”

Now, this is the twist in our story and our smart dog should apply some management skills to govern the situation.

Can you imagine what the dog did?

The dog gazed the lion approaching him and again turned his back and sat on the ground. As the lion and monkey were close, the dog started yelling in frustration “This monkey is really hopeless. It’s almost an hour now I sent him and it cannot manage to entrap and fetch another lion!”

Moral of the story: Yes, one definitely is ‘Ideas are bulletproof!’ but that’s not the only moral. Think management and you will realize another important one... ‘Beware of not only the Lion but also the monkeys that surround him...!' 
What were you thinking... 'Every dog has his day' or what...!?! 
Stay tuned and Be Aware of Monkeys...!

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