Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Following is the excerpt of my response to some of questions and concerns from members and readers, sharing them for the reason that anybody with similar concern might benefit from it. If anybody has any queries, comments or suggestion, please get back to me. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated...!

How to set SMART goals, attain them and measure them?

  • Apart from TARGET, knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude are instrumental when it comes to setting goals. What you want to achieve – TARGET – should be set in accordance with what you have learnt, what you’re expert at, what you have mastered and what you enjoy to do and not what you just desire or wish. If even one of these criterions is overlooked while setting the goal, you might start losing the interest initially and focus eventually when it comes to attaining it.
  • For measuring your performance in attaining the goal you need to define steps and milestones by breaking a Target into small daily tasks. A timeline with headers like ‘What, How and When’ can come handy to achieve this. Whenever a task is completed you can review you performance with its status and score your performance accordingly like – Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good and Excellent followed by appropriate action.
How to handle stress effectively and maintain work/life balance?

Probably the most popular buzz word today is ‘Stress’ and the person claiming to teach you ‘Manage Stress’ is nothing less than a superhero or Hancock! Would you accept me as a sane person if I tell you that there is nothing like handling or managing the stress? Why do you need to treat Stress as a disease or a negative state of mind? Stress is just another natural phenomenon of overload on body, brain, mind or soul. If I asked you to lift a glass of water and hold it in your stretched hand for 5 minutes, piece of cake. For one hour – it’s getting heavier. Three hours and it’s the heaviest object on the planet and six hours – it will become a medical emergency! If the objet was same why it got heavier with every passing minute? Because of my structure, posture, capacity and reaction to that particular object. Now can I say that this object was wrong, bad or negative? Stress is nothing but nature’s alarm to make you aware that you need a break if you want wish to retain and regain your strengths and capabilities. Simple, take a break and put all the loads down for a while, rest and rejuvenate! Accept and overcome stress rather than trying to handle or manage it.

How to deal with conflicts in relationships?


Conflict in relationship is generally referred as a disagreement through which the entity involved perceives a threat to its needs, interests or concerns. In a marriage or live-in relationship this is more common as in this type of arrangements, two entirely different individuals that have a diverse language, persona, background, culture, life-beliefs, or even ethnicity, are more or less obligated to live with each other almost 16 hrs a day. The first step towards resolving conflicts is to understand this very nature and character of this relationship and agree to disagree with regard to their respective roles. To achieve satisfaction in marriage, both partners must continue readjusting their understanding of what they can reasonably expect of each other in their respective roles. Adapting to new emerging roles in relationship with faith, flexibility, sharing and caring supported by open communication and democratic decision-making can prove fundamental in the long-lasting healthy relationships.

I hope this proves useful for at least somebody in some situation...!
Stay tuned and Be Interactive...!

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